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History Of Gameday Centers

When we look into the history of Gameday Centers, it was planned by Gameday Centers LLC who aimed to build the tower to give University of Kentucky basketball lovers a residence near Rupp Arena. The first Gameday Center was a planned 15-story residential complex at the corner of Broadway and West High Street in Lexington, Kentucky. In this center the first store would have occupied by retail stores and the second one with a sports-themed restaurant. Considering the history of Gameday sports center, the concept according to Gameday Centers would have been patterned from similar projects in Auburn, Alabama, Knoxville, Tennessee, Florida, Athens and Georgia.

In the history of Gameday Centers, the construction of the first planned Gameday Center begun from 2005 spring as the 1.3 acre corner lot was adequately zoned. However, the architectural review board had concerns that the height of the building would overshadow the neighboring residents in the South Hill district. So in February 15, 2005, the center was shortened from 15 to 7-stories considering the nearby residential tower or places in the South Hill District. In Gmaeday Center history, this plan or idea received welcome support from the neighboring residents.

Considering some facts of the Gameday Centers history, the plan for constructing Gameday center with seven stories was again revised in June and increased to 10 stories with 126 units. The retails stores occupying the first floor, 180 parking spaces spaced between the first and third floors with seven-stories of residential condos above. But the proposal was rejected later on since the city of Lexington's historic preservation staff disapproved of the project. Later on it was constructed as pre-planned. Gameday Centers Southeastern, LLC partners with universities and cities build Luxury Sport Condos in closeness to college athletic facilities & downtown areas. 

Looking into the history of Gameday Centers, the story of Gameday actually begins with one man's passion for perfecting the college sports fan's game day experience.  The Gameday concept has exterminated the problems often related with game day by providing sports enthusiasts a suitable venue for socializing, parking and lodging. Moreover, it also provides the opportunity to enjoy a unique real estate opportunity. Gameday Centers are now located in Auburn, Tuscaloosa, Tallahassee and Athens. Gameday Centers are under development in Knoxville, TN (University of Tennessee); South Bend, IN (Notre Dame); Austin, TX (University of Texas); College Station, TX (Texas A & M); and Lubbock, TX (Texas Tech).