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Have fun while playing online Madpac Underwater

The main idea behind Pac Man is the same, no matter if an adult is playing or a kid. Pac Man remains in the company of dots. The character has to run around and eat the dots and at the same time avoiding the ghosts, who will try to eat him. Pac Man has to run around and eat the dots. You can enjoy playing various versions of the game and if you have kids in your family or neighborhood then they will surely love to play these games. The main benefit of these games is that they can be easily played with the help of internet, whenever and wherever you want.

The original version is equipped with one simple maze. At times you get to see fruits, such as strawberries, cherries or apples on the screen. If Pac Man eats them they are worth of bonus points. The maze contains four big dots towards the corners. These dots are worth extra points and when they are eaten the ghosts are turned into blue color for some time. In this time, Pac man gets to eat them in order to earn bonus points. Whenever Pac Man gets eaten they gets vanished and a new one replaces him.

Ms. Pac Man in Mad Pac Underwater becomes the victim of kidnapping. The ghosts take her to some underwater world. Now, it is the task of Pac Man to rescue her and he has to make sure that he does without feeling air shortage. In addition to evading the ghosts and popping air bubbles, Pac Man has to stay away from different obstacles like electric fence and spikes.